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Essay on Barriers to Effective Communication - 1670 Words

Barriers to Effective Communication CJA 304 Barriers to Effective Communication Effective communication is a major element to success in any relationship, business, or organization. Communication barriers attempt to impede, and in some instances stop, the successful completion of the communication process. Law Enforcement agencies are susceptible to the consequences of ineffective communication and should work toward reducing and eliminating barriers blocking the flow of communication. Organizational flaws in the entangled hodgepodge of agencies within the American criminal justice system cause various communication barriers resulting in confusion and inefficiencies throughout the system. Law enforcement agencies began sharing†¦show more content†¦Criminal justice professionals can overcome emotional barriers by using peer support systems within the police department or support from outside sources (Wallace amp; Roberson, 2009). Physical barriers are obstructions that interfere with movement of a message and are the hardest to overcome. The weather, distance, and failures in technology are a few examples of physical barriers a police officer may encounter (Wallace amp; Roberson, 2009). Some barriers are out of the officer’s control and cannot be overcome quickly such as an ice storm that becomes a physical barrier when power and telephone lines go down ending communication. Semantic barriers consist of language differences and ambiguous word meanings and prevent a clear exchange of ideas resulting in failed communication. Hiring a diverse group of officers can reduce language barriers and choosing words carefully with the receiver in mind can help ease semantic barriers. Ineffective listening is another barrier present in the criminal justice system and occurs from disinterest, speaker bias, emotions, distractions, and words that invoke emotion (Wallace amp; Roberson, 2009). Every officer needs active listening skills. An officer using active listening skills can diffuse dangerous situations when armed with a clear understanding of the circumstances. Active listening is different from hearing. Hearing is an automatic response to sound andShow MoreRelatedBarriers to Effective Communication1654 Words   |  7 PagesBarriers to Effective Communications Everyone has experienced, at one time or another the frustration of feeling misunderstood and being unable to make ourselves understood by another person. Anything which, blocks the meaning of a communication, is a barrier to communication. Effective communication is like a house built one block at a time. First to build a house trust must be built; trust is not a group process it is created in one to one connections with each individual. Second, be bold andRead MoreBarriers to Effective Communication1620 Words   |  7 PagesBarriers to Effective Communication CJA304 In this paper, I will describe the process of communication as well as its components, describe the difference between listening and hearing, describe the formal and informal channels of communication, and suggest strategies that may be implemented to overcome communication barriers. Communication can be described as â€Å"a process involving several steps, among two or more persons, for the primary purpose of exchanging information† (WallaceRead MoreBarrier to Effective Communication1289 Words   |  6 PagesIn this paper I will be discussing the process of communication and its components discuss the difference between listening and hearing in communication, talk about the formal and informal channels of communication, talk about the different barriers to effective communication, and lastly discuss the strategies that may be implemented to overcome communication barriers. Communication is very crucial in the criminal justice system; it is the key element for success. From a rookie all the way up toRead MoreBarriers to Effective Communication1727 Words   |  7 PagesBarriers to Effective Communication Kevin Borem CJA/304 November 2, 2011 Fred Staedel Barriers to Effective Communication Communication is a way of life for sociable organisms on earth. There are many forms of communication and several are used without saying a word or making a sound. With the types of communication in the world, communicating effectively may seem an unlikely idea. Effective communication between two individuals or more is dependable on the way the message from the senderRead MoreBarriers to Effective Communication690 Words   |  3 PagesbbBarriers to Effective Communication â€Å"Barriers are influencing factors which impede or breakdown the continuous communications loop. They block, distort, or alter the information. By identifying the barriers and applying countermeasures, team members can effectively communicate.† (Wallace and Roberson, 2009) Chapter four speaks of four obstacles that can prevent effective communication. Emotional barriers, physical barriers, semantic barriers, and ineffective listening all prevent effective communicationRead MoreBarriers to Effective Communication2391 Words   |  10 PagesBarriers to Great Communication There are seven types of Barriers to Communication. Many people think that communicating is easy. It is after all something we do all our lives. There is some truth in this view. Communicating is straightforward. What makes it complex, difficult, and frustrating are the barriers we put in the way. Physical barriers Physical barriers in the workplace include: marked out territories, empires and fiefdoms into which strangers are not allowed closed office doors, barrierRead MoreBarriers to Effective Communication1479 Words   |  6 Pages1 Barriers Barriers to Effective Communication Paper Robin Mravik Due Date: Monday October 10, 2011 CJA/304 Instructor: Janette Nichols 2 When it comes to communicating with people in our daily lives, there are many people that think there is just talking and listening to the other people in the communicating process. However, there is actually five step in the communication process; which are as follows: 1.) sending the message out to someone, 2.) sending the message through a mediumRead MoreEffective Communication And The Barriers Of Communication Essay1203 Words   |  5 Pagesstudy of effective communication and the barriers of communication is very important in the workplace in order for the company to be successful. Every person in the business will have to communicate in one form or another. The better the communication in the workplace the better the relationships with each other. In this article I will help you to understand the processes needed in order to have effective communication in the workplace. I will discuss the importance of effective communication, theRead MoreBarriers to Effective Communication2071 Words   |  9 PagesTable of Contents What barriers to effective communication do you detect in this case? 2 Perception barrier 2 Personal barrier 3 Information overload / Work overload 3 Gender barrier 4 Language barrier - Ambiguity 4 Is anyone wrong in this situation? By what other means could Randell have requested the information from Tom Ballard? What do you think of Tom Ballard’s reaction? Why? 6 Tom Ballard 6 Leigh Randall 7 While communicating information vertically up or down the organizationRead MoreBarriers to Effective Communication Essay1713 Words   |  7 Pagesbecause they are the managers those who do run the company and therefore they need to be excellent in dealing with people. However, when the issue of communication is discussed, it is understood that there are more than two people in communication. Moreover, as there would be a number of people working in organisations, there is a lot of communication among companies’ staff everyday. From this context, it can easily be inferred that the organisations’ employees should also be able to communicate effectively

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