Wednesday, January 22, 2020

The Effects of Television Violence Essay -- Papers TV Media Violent Ch

The Effects of Television Violence Recent attention in the media relating violence and children has created much controversy and debate. Our society has brought much focus on violence in the media and how it has effected children of all ages and races. High school shootings and increasing crime in small towns all over the country has brought forth the question of whether or not children are exposed or desensitized to too much violence in television, movies, news, and other sources. Many people feel this violence is causing children to kill children and good towns go bad. Many people are also wondering if this violence could be a matter of survival for our society or if it has to do with the way parents are raising their children. However, this topic has not become an item for debate until it began to happen in white upper and middle-class parts of the United States. Many of these factors have been argued through legislature and generally in society since it has begun to plague our nation the past few years. Many debates have focused on the parents and their roles in their children?s everyday actions. Some people feel that a child?s parent or immediate caregivers are not paying enough attention to what the child is being exposed to in terms of media. Cartoons, video games, movies, and television shows are becoming more violent everyday and people are blaming the media for intoxicating our children?s minds with hatred and gratuitous violence. However, television has allotted a new form of screening what children may or may not be effected by. They have done this by associating a rating system with the television shows that are to be aired on a certain channel. This seems to solve the problem of televisio... ...hey blame high school shootings and racism on family values and brutality seen on a daily basis on TV or other places. If media violence persists, are we as a country to believe that we are all inevitably going to be violent ourselves? This question has a simple answer. Until our society is peaceful enough to not involve violence then violence will be a part of our everyday lives but if we do something to end violence in television, movies and other places our children will have a better environment. This environment will be one where they can live without gratuitous violence and get involved in more positive activities. Media violence is a huge problem that does relate to children being viscous and brutal. Video games, books, web sites, and other sources are making it easier for children to witness violence, become a part of it, and ultimately perform it.

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