Monday, February 10, 2020

Health Care Disparities in the United States Research Paper

Health Care Disparities in the United States - Research Paper Example Yes, it is possible to eliminate health disparities in the United States. Eliminating the disparities that exist in healthcare is politically sensitive and rather challenging because they are somehow intertwined with a controversial record of race relationships in the US. Â  Some of the approaches that can be applied in eliminating health care disparities include increasing the competence and number of healthcare practitioners in areas which are underserved, expanding health insurance coverage, increasing the awareness base on root and arbitration to decrease the occurrence of health care disparities and raising community and health care practitioners understanding of racial or ethnic health care disparities. These strategies combined with others by the government are bound to be successful in eliminating health care disparities in the US. Â  The similar theme is that exists in the assigned articles is that eliminating health care disparities is key to improving the general quality of health care provided in the US. Most Americans do not often receive the quality health care that they deserve or on other occasions, the health care they get causes them harm (Williams, 2007). It is such incidences that have resulted in health care disparities in America.

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